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Las Vegas 2014 Best Sounds
International C.E.S.

International CES

Opening day at the Consumer Electronics Show and, notwithstanding the bad weather conditions in the US, the turnout is big. Of course ReMusic is interested in the five floors of the Venetian dedicated to hi-fi and the woman and the man in black (Silvia e Roberto) are ready to visit the booths of the upper levels.




Californian company which manufactures small digital players of high quality. We found very interesting the line of Castor loudspeakers. The aesthetical choice is no compromise, the cabinet is in aluminium and the quality is outstanding.




The YG loudspeakers are never disappointing and also this time their sound doesn't leave room for any criticism and stands out for refinement and energy. The new model is named Hailey: a classic three way with Scan Speak drivers, in this case driven by Dan D'agostino monoblocks with DCS Scarlatti source.




The cabinets of these loudspeakers are made with a die casted plastic component which has been made heavier with a patented damping material. Therefore the cabinet is very heavy and dull. This loudspeaker system can be used also for home theatre and is available in several colours. As a result it's not very intrusive thanks to its slim design and, most of all, it performs really good.




Venture is a young Oriental company which can be appreciated for the maturity shown and for the entrepreneurial courage. The Vidi are three-way loudspeakers with a tweeter of large diameter. The amplifications don't leave room for criticism. So, nothing to say about, if not to be mentioned on ReMusic.




Also this year, the booth with the aluminium loudspeakers (metallic alloy used by several companies) of the American Magico had a natural outcome characterized by dynamics and detail. The new model is the "S3", but you are captivated by the gigantic "Ultimate", a high efficiency, five-way loudspeaker.



Merlin Audio

Imposing, demanding and very expensive South Korean Amplification (we are talking about some hundreds of thousands of euro). Besides the captivating design, it showed a three-dimensional and physical sound.



Part two




We will talk a lot about Manley because just after the CES we go to Chino CA for a factory tour. In the meantime a small preview with the Heart monitors controller and the 25th Anniversary monoblock that drives ATC loudspeaker. Great sound!




The Resolution amplifications have a captivating aesthetic and, together with the Epos loudspeakers, they create a relaxing but also harmonic and detailed sound.


Music Hall

Room to analogue. Music Hall deserved to be mentioned for its turntables that are simple in the manufacturing typology but very fine and well performing. What do you think of the Mooo mats?



Very warm welcome by Enigmacuostics which presents the new Mytology loudspeaker, a two-way pneumatic suspension that becomes three by adding the Sopranino supertweeter. Great music and great sound.



Pathos and Focal are a great match. The sound was convincing for timbric naturalness.



Last product by Karma and official introduction at the CES of the Elegance DB11-S loudspeaker system. Loudspeakers of important dimensions, three-way and four transducers. Great dynamics and sound pressure, but not intrusive thanks to their granitic control.


Silverline Audio

Ok, my question is: did we really need another monitor loudspeaker? Well, if all would perform like this Minuet Supreme Plus by Silverline Audio we wouldn't need any other monitor speaker, ever! The bigger models use Dynaudio drivers and have a dynamic and transparent sound.


Angel Sound

Angel Sound is an American company that makes uniquely shaped loudspeakers. They seem like the teardrop of an angel. Also the Angel Sound amplifications contribute to the convincing and involving sound.


Opera loudspeakers and Unison Research

Opera Quinta has been presented here at the CES in the improved last version made by the Italian company. The loudspeakers were driven by the Unison Research S9 integrated amplifier whit SV572 vacuum tubes. A warm and fascinating sound and the amazing midrange contribute to the naturalness of the emission.



Thiel Audio

Luckily the Thiel Audio loudspeakers are now imported in Italy by a big distributor. I can't wait to test them in a controlled situation in my listening room, this TM3 system: a two-way shelf model that I found very convincing from the very beginning.



I must admit. I was totally charmed by the static booth of the well-known German manufacturer.



The Swiss company proves itself for the quality of sound that it can express. Dynamic push and a very correct timbric.



The Florentia loudspeakers made a good impression. The huge loudspeakers of the Tuscan Rossofiorentino were performing with grace and refinement, Graaf amplification.



Part Three




Composed sound, with an excellent articulation of the sound stages. Loudspeakers by Audio Physic. 0n the occasion of the CES 2014, Moon was introducing the small 760A power amp with 260 watt in the stereo version, 500 watt in the mono.



DeVore Fidelity

Il Gibbon X is a three-way floorstander of this young company from New York. The midhigh and midlow range gave a sound with rich details, with a fascinating timbric and a plausible soundstage.



T+A Elektroakustik

The whole system included the three-way floorstander with a Solitaire CVT 2000 ribbon tweeter, the PA 3000 HV preamp, and the MP 3000 HV power amps. Teutonic sound, great sound pressure, dynamics and control of the sound masses.




I do not have any more words left. For the third time Absolare is one of the three best sounds of the CES 2014. I can just say: a beautiful, amazing sound that doesn't leave any doubts.




Also Zanden is in the Olympus of the three best sounds of the CES 2014. I personally think that they are a step above the best because they allows you to feel the music inside your soul, that moves the cords of your deepest emotion. This feeling pushes you to forgive the very small imperfections. Perfection is for the others, not for me.




A real pity that this brand hasn't got an Italian distributor. It would deserve to be listened to with great attention. Definitely one of the amplifications I like most. Every time I heard a Constellation system I feel that always everything is too simple! Also Constellation is one of three best sounds of the CES 2014.



The woman and the man in black greet you from Las Vegas.