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Las Vegas 2014 Best Sounds
T.H.E. Show

In the legendary Flamingo hotel, close to the Venetian that was hosting the C.E.S., the woman and the man in black didn't pass up the chance to visit the T.H.E. Show of Las Vegas, 2014 edition. The T.H.E. Show is an itinerant exhibit which finds in Newport CA its most important and visited appointment. Hereafter you can read what we have liked most.



Wavac - Sound Lab

The Wavac HE-833 monoblocks and the Sound Lab Majestic 845 full range electrostatic speakers have turned out to be a great match. The system is demanding for cost and filled space. The sound image had real dimensions and a plausible timbric.




Stenheim is a young Swiss company manufacturing loudspeakers with aluminium cabinet. Alumine is a two-way speaker which can be matched with a subwoofer in order to refine the low frequency range. Actually, the subwoofer is not necessary since the two-way module was dynamic and precise in designing the sound details.



Quintessence Acoustics

The Californian Quintessence Acoustics, already famous for its Stealth multi-way loudspeaker, was previewing the QLS model: a demanding two-way speaker with nine midwoofers and nine 6,5" true ribbon tweeters! The sound had a great control and quick emission.



Walker Audio - Perfect Technologies - Vac

This was a tremendous, demanding and expensive system. If I'm not mistaken, something like 900,000.00 US dollars! The Vac tube multi amplification doesn't require to be introduced, while brand new was the match featuring the beautiful Walker Audio Proscenium turntable, whose platter and linear-tracking tonearm are air-supplied, and the transparent - since the cabinet is in glass - Swedish Perfect Technologies loudspeakers. The sound was like a wall of energy and dynamics without any hesitation or indecision.



Pearl Evolution

The Italian Pearl Evolution was presenting for the first time in the States its model Ballerina: a D'Appolito three-way with a natural and clear-cut sound also thanks to the Unison Research amplification and to the Italian Musical Cable line of cables.



Diapason - Master Sound

Another Italian booth with the amazing Diapason loudspeakers and Mastersound amplifications. The sound was very refined thanks to the very impressive timbric and a punctiform and detailed image. The American cryogenically treated Snake River Audio connection cables contributed to the sound outcome of this interesting audio chain.




MAD English label makes loudspeakers with an original and elegant design, but what struck me was how they performed. The stand-mounted monitor Gran Maestro are a two-way speakers with concentric tweeter. The sound was deeply involving for presence and dynamics. I did like them and I hope to run a test in a controlled situation as ReMusic guests.



RCH Labs

Mr David Hare from California manufactures thermionic tubes of great quality by using a special metallic alloy for the filaments. This alloy is a very good conductor for the acoustic signal. Some hi-fi companies have commissioned to RCH the whole wiring for their devices in order to get the best sound performances.




The Swedish Larsen makes these very interesting two-way and 1/2 speakers designed to be placed against the front wall. The Larsen 8 speakers perform amazingly as for image depth and harmonic balance. Great sound helped by Gamut amplification and source.




For the second time in two years I mention PranaFidelity. This year the company from Denver was presenting the Vayu/fs, a two-way floorstander with a 30 mm tweeter. Also this year the sound stood out for dynamics, sound pressure, timbric expression and plausible tonality.



Coin Audio

Coin Audio manufactures two models of speakers: the stand-mounted Mansion Compact and the Mansion Tower floorstander. We listened to the Mansion Compact and also Silvia liked it a lot. A captivating and modern design together with a good, rounded and involving sound.



Zesto Audio

I was pleasantly surprised by Zesto Audio amplifications for the great sound quality, transparency and balance in the reproduced sound message. The valuable analog source gave the opportunity to make appreciate the Andros PS1 phono preamp, the Leto preamp and the The Bia 120 power amp. Also the WyWires cables have given a contribute in reaching this excellent sound outcome.



Hello from the woman and the man in black.