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Munich High End 2014

Here we are. ReMusic's guys in black seeking for the best sounds of the Munich High End 2014. 

By now, the critical deepening of the international shows under the aspect of the best sounds and the best products has become a tradition for ReMusic.


The woman and the man in black have chosen for you the audio systems that have proven to be impressive, maybe for a parameter only. Needless to say that four days with the purpose of finding the most beautiful gems, force you to a hard tour and, most probably, a couple of rooms haven't received the due attention.


In any case, this year what has helped us a lot has been the fact that people recognized immediately ReMusic's black couple when it appeared on the threshold.



ReMusic knows Voxativ from a while, but, at the Munich High End 2014, the Ampeggio Due 2 loudspeakers, with Voxativ amplifications, Vox Preamp and Vox Amplifier, was very convincing, maybe for a more valuable representation of the low frequencies with respects to the past years. Also the timbric aspect benefited from the improved performances in the frequency response, with more realistic dynamic transients.


Leedh E2

We will hear speaking a lot of this revolutionary Leedh E2 acoustic system. The dimensions are very slim and, with the help of a dedicated subwoofer, the system can generate frequencies without any distortion and with an amazing holophonic effect. The system is without the cabinet in a push-push configuration. The slim lines are suitable to whatever listening room and domestic furniture.



The Coltrane Supreme 2 is the last version of the flagship loudspeaker of the well-known Swedish brand. Five-way, diamond tweeter and supertweeter, while the other transducers, always Accuton's, are made with a sandwiched aluminium membrane whose surface is in honeycomb Kevlar.  The frequency response goes from 18 to 100.000 Hz and the efficiency is 91 dB. The Dartzeel amplifiers were driving the Coltrane. The sound was of incredible dimensions with a thrilling sound pressure.



Vivid Audio

What I find amazing in these loudspeakers is the extreme naturalness in the emission. It seems like they are not doing any effort and, then, they are able to recreate a natural and enjoyable soundstage. Laurence Dickie and Philip Guttentag were introducing their products with a thorough slide presentation and technical graphs. The Giya Reference Line were driven by a thirty-six watts per channel amp with 300 B tubes by Engstrom.



Estelon and Vitus Audio

Test of strength by Estelon, Estonian manufacturer of loudspeakers, and by Vitus Audio, Danish manufacturer of amplifications. Estelon Extreme is a four-way speaker, with a charming shape and innovative technical solutions like the slender cabinet made of two modules. Thanks to a remote controlled electric mechanism, the upper module, where the midrange and tweeters are positioned, can move vertically in order to be adjustable and suitable to any domestic environment. If you google www.estelon.com you can watch the demo video. The Extreme speakers were well driven by Vitus Audio amplifications with the new huge MP-S 201 power amp. In the room it was possible to ask questions to Alfred Vassilkov of Estelon and Hans-Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio.


Zellaton and Analog Domain

The legendary brand of German loudspeakers was introducing the new Reference whit on display the distinctive Zellaton transducers. The pair of Reference were driven by German amplifications by Analog Domain Audio GmbH. I got involved by the bodied and massive sound, although a rather balanced outcome. A great match.


Boenicke and Auris Audio

The Munich High End 2014 has stroked me for the world-beating matches in the rooms. Another example is the Swiss Boenicke and its fabulous mini-monitor W5, together with the tube amplifications of the Serbian Auris Audio. Well, as the good things come in small packages, also in the audio world the small systems can pleasantly be impressive for involving and pleasant sound performances. Our compliments to Boenicke and Auris Audio.


Albedo, Angstrom, Max Research and Audia Flight

When four Italian companies gather together the only possible outcome is "beauty". The beauty of the sound. In this room you could taste good music reproduced with great taste. The Interface Reference and Audia Flight CD Onem digital sources gave certainty, the muscular Angstrom tube amplifications gave power, the Albedo loudspeakers gave grace and elegance. The beauty of the Italian sound.



"The woman and the man in black" establish two special awards for the aesthetics. The first winner is Horns with the model Universum, a three-way, horn loaded speaker. Besides the sound we have also appreciated the colour.


Harmonix, Reymio and Verity Audio

System realized with Harmonix accessories and cables, Reymio CDT 777 source, CAT 777 preamp, KAP 777 power amp, Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversary Canadian loudspeakers. Definitely the best sound image of the entire Munich High End 2014. The detail contributed to draw an enjoyable musical picture. Compliments from ReMusic.



The second ReMusic award for aesthetics goes to Pathos amplifications. The famous Italian brand can conjugate with elegance the tradition of the tubes with the design that looks to the lines of the future. All the details are well-finished and nothing is left to chance. Bravo.


Blumenhofer and Cammino

These Blumenhofer loudspeakers are so new that don't have a name yet. Thanks also to the Cammino power harmonizers this room can be awarded as the best sound coming from horn loaded speakers.



We know Advance Acoustic, but we hear from Jean -Christian Gesson, manager and engineer of Advance, about the new line Advance Paris, whose models will reach the qualitative top in the French company. Very interesting are the X-L1000 loudspeakers, 98 dB of efficiency, three-way, ribbon tweeter. Notwithstanding the unusual and unconventional position, these expensive X-L1000 have shown champion performances with deep, dynamic and very controlled low frequencies.


Emmespeakers and Lector

A small room with huge loudspeakers and great source and amplification. The Galileo Emmespeakers loudspeaker is a three-way with six drivers, 86 dB of efficiency and eighty kilos of weight. Great driving provided by the hybrid VM200 amp, two chassis digital source with Digicode S-192 converter, all by Lector. Even if the room was small and the front end very huge, the sound kept proportion and naturalness, with deep and controlled bass range.


EnigmAcoustics and Gold Note

You shouldn't be surprise to use a little and get a lot. I don't want to say that the components of this system are not expensive. On the contrary, but what is important is to create the right synergy, the correct match of the audio devices. EnigmAcoustics Mitology M1 with Gold Note sources and amplifications, Bellagio Reference turntable, Favard Anniversary digital source, Demidoff Diamond Anniversary amplification: this is the system that deserves the best sound of the Munich High End 2014 for balance and tonal accuracy. We think that saying that an audio system is "balanced" is the best compliment we can make. The balance in a system is reached when, although all the faults an audio enthusiast can notice, the sound is agreeable and enjoyable. Bravo and many compliments.



In a period of European crisis is difficult to get to conclusions and express judgements. We won't do it and wait for the statistical data that the organization of the Munich High End will send us afterwards.

What we can say is that, besides the usual qualitative scrupe, we have noticed that the operators have put more attention to the design. Evidently there is the need to cope with the domestic furniture in the effort of involving the entire family. The audio enthusiasts are starting to get involved by the environmental correctors that are easy to use and adapt the sound generated by the environmental aberrations coming from the furniture and from the proportions of the room where the audio system is placed.

The woman and the man in black greet you and let's meet in …Hong Kong?

Maybe, we'll see.