Giradischi oracle Paris
by Giuseppe Trotto

A wide scene, well beyond the external limits of the loudspeakers. The live take is authentic, without overdubbing. The turntable appreciates, so the listener.

by Francesco Taddei

USB converters, willing or not, seem to be one of the most popular ways to incline new people towards our sector. It would be welcome the contribute of an expert in the digital sector which does not want to sacrifice the quality of the sound for the sake of the practicality.

cuffie KS-H2 e M10 miniatura
by Mauro Cittadini

Beautiful, lightweight, ergonomic, well performing at an affordable price: KingSound KS-H2 headphones and the partner M-10 amplifier for a best-buy product.

by Francesco Taddei

Does your listening room steal quite some music? Now you can process it…

White Gold Stradivari
by Roberto Rocchi

The dynamic and descriptive push of these cables creates a credible sound scene where the tone has an absolute value.

Plinius P10 miniatura
by Fabio Barbato

If you like ambience, velocity, dynamics, refinement, you can find here what you are looking for and, if you own balanced equipment, something else too.

by Francesco Taddei

If you are looking for a transistor amplification really able to drive high efficiency loudspeakers there is not a big choice, nonetheless this Sudgen is one of the few certainties.


Vivid Audio miniatura
by Angelo N. M. Recchia-Luciani

ReMusic has had the double chance of meeting Vivid Audio, a young company founded in 2004, that can boast an unique history, by place of origin, South Africa, and by the noble pedigree of designers and people in charge.


Monaco High-End 2014
by Roberto Rocchi

Always bigger, always more involving, always more High End... Also this year our couple in black has gone from room to room in the most important worldwide sectorial show to find out the best of the best.

Manley Neo CLassic 500 miniatura1
by Roberto Rocchi

ReMusic Spark AwardThe powerful and versatile Neo-Classic 500 monoblocks are the emblem of

the mythic Californian Company.

Audiosophia VSR pre e finali miniatura
by Roberto Rocchi

ReMusic Spark AwardVery big sound, very small expense.

It is hard getting more also with more, much more money. ReMusic has tracked down

in Max Micelli by Audiosophia an authentic High-End guru...

by Roberto Rocchi

I can’t hide the positive opinion that I have always expressed towards Bartolomeo Aloia’s designs and creations...