Linear Tube Audio microZOTL
by Giuseppe Castelli

ReMusic Spark AwardA headphone amp that goes beyond its purposes, provided with one of the more innovative circuitries made for the vacuum tubes: is this a High-End revolution?

Trafomatic Audio Elegance Power
by Paolo Di Marcoberardino

Speaking of the past, I preferred the solid state. Speaking about now, I consider more interesting what you can achieve with the tube amplifiers.

Sandy Gross
by Angelo N. M. Recchia-Luciani

The unstoppable entrepreneur and designer behind the successful companies Polk Audio, Definitive Technology and GoldenEar Technology.

DiDiT DAC212
by Francesco Taddei

Second listening part of one of the smartest DACs available on the market, here tested in the Windows environment.

GoldenEar Aon 2
by Fabio Barbato

An original and innovative approach: a truncated pyramid-shape loudspeaker with two 6,5” passive drivers and a folded ribbon tweeter.

by Roberto Rocchi

The Orchestra 2.5 are a three-way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker with a double woofer in paper and polymers and a midrange in nanocarbon fiber made to Sigma Acoustics’ specifications.

Kuzma Stabi Stogi
by Mauro Cittadini

The ideal analogue source if you like to dedicate the right time and the right patience to the fine mechanical adjustments required to calibrate at best the system and get great performances.

Electrocompaniet EC 4.8
by Roberto Fugito

A brand where rigor and composure are the way to make the musical scene bodied and pleasant. A warranty for over thirty years.

DiDiT DAC212
by Giuseppe Castelli

A crucial component. Old and new together. Many potentialities still to discover.

Yarland FV-34C-V
by Fabio Barbato

ReMusic Spark AwardI am currently moving towards moderate price devices, but with great sound. An itinerary that someone calls a downgrade.

Matrix X-Sabre
by Francesco Taddei

32 bit/348 kHz resolution plus DSD and DXD music player: who can do better in this market range and with such manufacturing level?

by Giuseppe Trotto

The advantages of the class-A are undeniable. The power of an amplifier is not all, indeed! And there is another extreme, absolutely not secondary…