Sigma Acoustics MAAT
by Roberto Rocchi

Only few audio systems of big dimensions have really satisfied me. This system makes an exception.

Volya Bouquet
by Giuseppe Castelli

A loudspeaker that is unique, visionary and innovative both in intentions and in design. A sound of absolute level in an artwork. A match never tried before in the High-End market.

by Antonio Sarcinelli Postiglione

I will put at disposal of the webzine my expertise of photographer, hoping to offer to the readers always more interesting images.

Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC
by Maurizio Fava

Not an MM nor an MC: the American reinterpretation of an European classic. More precisely a patent by the Danish B&O.

oBravo Audio HAMT-3
by Mauro Cittadini

Two-way headphones with Heil tweeter: oBravo is not short on technology nor ambition.

EAR Yoshino 834
by Giuseppe Trotto

A very well made amplifier that plays wonderfully: a great exercise of style.

Yarland FV34B-V
by Fabio Barbato

Finally, a deep listening test of an amp with the EL34 tubes. With this apparatus, Mauro Scarabotti by AAAVT has largely confirmed my expectations.

MrSpeakers ETHER
by Mauro Cittadini

A new player in the crowded challenge of high-level headphones comes out with a classy planar magnetic piece.

Violectric HPA V281
by Mauro Cittadini

ReMusic Spark AwardFrom the people of Lake Constance, one of the luckiest and successful preamp and headphones amp. Made to last and make play.

Aerial Acoustics 6T
by Giuseppe Castelli

All-round speakers for everybody and every musical genre. A mature choice if you want a lot without complications.

HiFiMan HE400S
by Mauro Cittadini

Listen to whatever music you like. As true planar-magnetic headphones, they are enough versatile to disregard the musical genre.

by Giuseppe Castelli

ReMusic Spark AwardAbout 90 kilos for 150 watts pure class A: a sounding monument capable of absolute performances.