20th year anniversary and product introductions from Vitus Audio


Press release | Directly from the Munich High End Show our new products are the long-awaited SM-025s and the RIAA module for the SIA-030.


The SM-025 Monoamplifier incorporates new approaches that both vastly invigorate our technologies while simultaneously perfectly harmonizes with our 20th year anniversary, to cement the longevity of the brands and our philosophy to create ever-lasting products that ultimately will be a piece for the next generation to inherit.
While the SIA-030 Phono Module is a plug-in module for our SIA-030 integrated amplifier, we wanted to make it as full fledged phono stage as possible with the very limited space. The result is a phono stage which has the usual features as multiple impedance and gain selections, choice between MC and MM cartridges and 2x RCA inputs.

About Vitus Audio
Vitus Audio started in 1995 with a goal to produce the world's finest high end audio electronics. Their relentless commitment to quality shows in every component they painstakenly design and produce in-house, and the sonic performance is truly second to none. The company believes in a no compromise approach and does not cut corners. Since their inception, Vitus Audio has grown to become one of the absolute premier luxury audio brands, and is amongst a select few as the most desirable in its category for those seeking only the very best.


For further info: to Vitus Audio website

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