DSC1 and AQWO news from Métronome


Press release | DSC1 upgrade - In order to celebrate its first year of life, the Digital Sharing Converter, the first device of Métronome's new design range DS, becomes even more connected.
The famous D/A converter remains a top high-end DAC with its two dual-mono AK4497 chips, and new functionalities appear:

  • more streaming services, with addition of Deezer and Spotify
  • DSC1 becomes also Roon Ready and reads MQA

And the good news is that Métronome offers the upgrade to all the owners of the first DSC1 generation!

Métronome DSC1

AQWO is D/A converter and SACD/CD player - Métronome enters a new universe in 2018, with the new AQWO device, the ultimate D/A converter and SACD player. For several years already, Metronome has been proposing hybrid devices, which the audiophile could use both as a DAC or CD player. With AQWO one more step is taken, first of all with a level of DAC performance superior to all previous products of the Métronome range, then with a player able to deal with both CD and SACD. AQWO is also proposed with an optional tube output option, which makes it the most versatile device on the market!


Métronome AQWO



For further info: to Métronome Audio website

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