Phase Technology awarded a patent in bass extending technology for architectural speakers


Press release | Phase Technology, a leading American loudspeaker manufacturer with a heritage for innovation is awarded a new patent (#15265773) on its new Bass Extending Technology for architectural speakers. Phase Tech’s two new in-wall models, the C1120 and CI130 incorporate the patented technology.


Phase Technology

The revolutionary new technology extends bass lower than an acoustic suspension or bass reflex in-wall or in-ceiling speaker in the same size enclosure. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers generally have rear enclosures that are too small to produce low bass. With this technology advancement, a speaker with the same size rear enclosure willhavebass output that extends up to one octave lower than a comparable speaker. The Bass Extending technology provides two solutions; it incorporates a back box to reduce sound transmission to an adjacent room and lowers the resonance of the speaker. The upshot is the best of both worlds with a cleaner listening experience and a significant boost in bass output.

For further info: to the Phase Technology website

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