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Press release | Music Center 1 now available in 2 versions
The famous music server from Métronome is now available in two models: MC1 and MC1 Evo. The "Evo" version adds the functionality of network playing, whilst MC1 only stands for a server and player. Considered by the magazine HifiNews as one of the best servers, MC1 really plays music and that makes the difference!

Métronome Music Center 1

DreamPlay now combines with Streaming
The Kalista DreamPlay range gets a new member in 2018 : the DreamPlay STREAM, which comes after the DreamPlay CD in 2017. DreamPlay STREAM is a streamer and D/A converter, available with an optional silent-base allowing stacking with the other members of the family. DreamPlay STREAM browses networks through DLNA protocol, and is very versatile with its compatibilities with Roon and AirPlay. It embeds a powerful DAC from AKM (AK4497), allowing conversion of PCM and DSD up to 512.
DreamPlay STREAM: the first high-performance streamer that doesn't look like a shoe-box...


The Kalista DreamPlay



For further info: to Métronome Audio website

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