100th MoonJune Records release special


Press release | If your preference is physical CDs, for limited time, we are offering 19 CDs from a specially selected list for 100 USD plus shipping and handling: 5.00 USD shipped Media Mail in the USA; 15.00 USD if shipped to Canada; 35.00 USD if shipped everywhere else in the world.


Here the link to purchase this specially priced package.


Once we receive payment for this deal of 19 physical CDs, you will be sent an email with an attached Excel file with the list of selected and featured CDs from the MoonJune catalog, and many others from associated artists promoted by MoonJune. No worries, there are a lot of CDs to choose from. If you need help, MoonJune’s head honcho, Leonardo Pavkovic, will do it for You; just make sure you list albums already in your collection, and he will help you fill in the gaps.


For further info: to MoonJune Records website

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