A very good year for AudioValve


Press release | For AudioValve 2018 has been one of the best business years we have had in our 35 years of company history.

We have expanded our operational space, recruited new staff, and plans for 2019 to secure and expand our position in the audio market.

Our highlights in 2018 included our headphone amplifier line, for which we received reference notes in Germany and other countries. The audience was most interested in Solaris, a universal genius for every type of headphone like Stax - magnetostatic and dynamic headphones. You can also experience Solaris live in february 2019 at CanJam in New York. Furthermore, we were also able to install many new power amp setups from our extended range of maps for customers.

AudioValve Hermann
At the beginning of 2019 we want to present you a new tube phono preamp that works without power supply. The basis for this is our Sunilda phono preamplifier, which is extended by two batteries and thus plays vinyl independently of any mains voltage from the wall for many hours in the evening. The batteries supply both, the heating lines of the tubes and the step-up voltage converter for the tube plate voltages. The concept and the first results are very promising and we plan to deliver in the first quarter of 2019. The name of this new phono tube amplifier is Hermann.



For further info: to AudioValve website

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