All WyWires cable products 40% off through march 20, 2020


Press release | WyWires is ten! Celebrate with us for the next 10 days, with discounts and freebies. Check our site and our social media channels daily for the goods.

We are kicking off our celebration with a big sale - 40% off on cables. Details below. Dealers are in on the sale too! Buy from us, buy from them, buy online.

I want to thank all of our customers for making WyWires a success. You bought, liked, and bought again and again. You spread the word to the community and gave us valuable feedback. We gave you more music, you gave us a business.

I am grateful as well to our partners - the audio show partners, our manufacturing partners, and those in the industry who gave us wonderful advice and friendship. This includes industry press who gave us the stamp of approval that completes a sale.

This industry has given me my ultimate dream of purpose and joy. After years of soul-drenching corporate life, I am now doing what I love.

Go to our online shop and get the 40% discount automatically on all cable products.



For further info:

to the WyWires website

email at

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