Ascendo introduces CCRM15 coaxial cinema monitors


Press release | When Ascendo started our venture in 2014, we believed the CCRM12-MKII marked the absolute spearhead in the field of coaxial cinema monitors. How time flies. Fast forward to 2021, our newly released CCRM15 Beryllium is taking this position here.

The 15" point source axi-symmetric speaker has been designed as a screen channel for large theaters as left, center and right speakers or can be used for very large theaters as a surround bed speaker. The CCRM15 Beryllium is an extremely impressive and extraordinary performing musical speaker system, that leaves nothing to be desired.

Although it is one of the most expensive materials used to make speaker diaphragms, Beryllium possesses the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any known metal and can deliver dramatically superior results when properly incorporated into a speaker design.

The speed of sound through Beryllium is nearly 2.5 times faster than through aluminum or titanium. Therefore, the first breakup will occur at a much higher frequency—well outside the audible range. Breakup occurs when the cone partially vibrates at certain audible frequencies and therefore isn’t entirely pistonic throughout its range. This leads to non-linearities in the amplitude response as well as stored energy in the time domain. It is precisely these characteristics that give the CCRM15 Beryllium the ability to reproduce amazing detail and clarity, free of resonances, so that even the finest details are all there to be experienced.

Ascendo's proprietary DSP technology works in combination with the enclosure and coaxial driver design to deliver ultra-precise and incredibly fast impulse response. Each channel of CCRM15 Beryllium is capable of incredible SPL levels, but also the more impressive dynamic contrasts from whispering dialogues to explosive effects. The volume ranges your home theatre speakers need to be able to handle without audible distortion is huge, especially if you look for a reference level director’s cut performance - this level difference from softest to loudest sounds yields incredible dynamic range.

Even the most complex film passages with extreme dynamic requirements are reproduced at the highest clarity and lowest distortion. Imagine a life-like drum solo rendered exactly to the point by hearing and feeling the tremendous dynamic leaps of a bass drum and snare, while at the same time the humming of cymbals fading away airily into the dark silence of the room giving way to the tiniest of fine details.

In the Active CCRM15 Beryllium, the expertly engineered Beryllium compression tweeter is centrically arranged in the back of the 15-inch mid-woofer unit, and both drivers are driven by a DSP-controlled two-channel digital amplifier. Their results merge perfectly and allow for a time and phase-coherent lifelike reproduction of all acoustic events with reference levels in every seat. The brain can therefore relax and stop trying to process the timing and phase errors far too common in other speaker designs.

Ascendo’s advanced audio-over-IP technology and a sophisticated system user interface are employed for an unprecedented level of control and flexibility to the system calibrator.



For further info: to Ascendo website

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