Audirvana is a true native DSD player


Press release | If your computer and your DAC are compatible as well, then you can enjoy end-to-end DSD playback.

The ASIO driver on Windows supports natively the DSD format. On macOS and with Wasapi, native DSD playback can still be achieved to a compatible DSD DAC by selecting DSD over PCM protocol in the Audirvana audio settings, which passes a native DSD signal in what the OS believes to be PCM. Keep in mind however that it halves the DAC's maximum usable sampling frequency.
Even if your DAC isn’t natively DSD compatible, Audirvana allows you to decode and read all your DSD files, as well as SACD disc ISO images.
Since the DSD format consists in a very high frequency binary digits encoding, 0 or 1, its sample values can’t be multiplied or divided, unless converted down to PCM and then back to DSD. So native DSD doesn’t allow digital processing such as volume control or EQ.


Learn more about audio formats here.



For further info: to Audirvana website

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