Audirvana is already Apple Silicon ready


Press release | Apple has made a major move with Apple Silicon and the launch of its new computers equipped with the M1 processor. Although Apple guarantees a smooth software transition, many of you have asked us whether Audirvana 3.5 will be compatible. The answer is YES: we can already confirm that Audirvana works perfectly thanks to Apple's Developer Transition Kit, which enables publishers to test their software in this new environment beforehand. Of course, as soon as these new computers are physically available, we will be able to go even further and make sure to get most out of this new architecture.


As our partner Qobuz is changing its offer and extending its catalog – focus on the Studio offer with a new attractive pricing – the exclusive advantages for Audirvana customers are also updated: three months free trial in Hi-Res quality for all those who have not yet subscribed to Qobuz, in all countries where Qobuz's streaming service is available, now including the United States and the United Kingdom.



For further info: to Audirvana website

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