Audirvana ready for Big Sur


Press release | Apple has announced their next major operating system update: macOS 11 - Big Sur.
It will be available this Fall and features a major graphic update for Apple's Dock, Finder and most of the native apps.
Nothing to worry about: Audirvana has already been tested with the Big Sur beta version and has proven to be fully functional. As always, we will make sure that our software is fully compatible before Apple's official release so you can safely update your computer and keep enjoying your music with Audirvana.


Did you know? Why using Windows 10 App Installer?
We have been asked why Audirvana's Windows 10 version uses Microsoft's App Installer to setup the software on your computer. This solution offers two main benefits:
First of all, it makes the setup easier with a single-click install making Audirvana instantly ready to use and keeps the software always up to date.
Furthermore, this process ensures you that Audirvana is a Microsoft-trusted developer,  the app is certified free of malware, and is considered safe for your device just as if it was on the Microsoft Store.



For further info: to Audirvana website

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