Audirvana's offer changes on March 23


Press release | Audirvana announces a soon coming change of its offer which becomes more simple, with a unique cross-platform license – macOS and Windows 10 – including free Remote Apps – Android and iOS. The price changes accordingly from US$ 75 to US$ 96.

Audirvana changed significantly over the past year with the release of version 3.5, the convergence of the MacOS and Windows 10 platforms, the complete redesign of the iOS Audirvana Remote App and the launch of its Android twin.

Customers who tend to diversify their equipment felt confused and sometimes frustrated with two separate products to choose from – one for Windows 10 and one for macOS – and an additional payment required for the remote apps at US$ 8.99. Therefore, Audirvana decided to simplify its offer and let customers easily enjoy these new possibilities.

The new price including all those services depends on the country of purchase in accordance with local regulations. It is set for example at 98,4€ incl. 20% VAT and US$ 96.0, 10,800¥ excl. sales tax.

Audirvana is the ultimate digital audio playback software turning one’s computer into a high- fidelity audio source. It accepts all audio formats and resolutions, prioritizes music on the computer and adapts its settings to the sound system. In just a few years, this HiFi software has become the world reference in terms of sound quality and has been awarded many times by the audiophile press.


Audirvana's offer changes on March 23, 2020

Audirvana Remote becomes free of charge
Starting March 23, both existing iOS and Android versions of the Audirvana Remote mobile app will
become available as free downloads on the App Store and Play Store.
Good news for customers who have both Android and iOS smartphones at home: they will now be able to use both apps for free.

New customers will also now be able to benefit from both remote versions during their one-month free trial of the software.
Before last November, Audirvana only offered an iOS version of the Remote app. Therefore, it seemed unfair for Android smartphone owners to include its cost in the pricing of the license. But now, it creates an artificial constraint to the full
enjoyment of the product, and the positive feedback of the community on both versions of the App, convinced Audirvana to make the change.


Audirvana's offer changes on March 23, 2020

A single Audirvana cross- platform license
The new licence will still grant a maximum of 2 installations but now, these installations can be done either on MacOS, on Windows 10 or on both OS.
Before the convergence of both platforms last November, the software itself showed significant differences between the Windows 10 version and the macOS one. Switching from one version to another was not as seamless as one would expect.
In addition, although a preferred price including a -30% discount was offered to customers who wished to purchase another license for their other OS, Audirvana had an increasing demand for a more accessible cross-platform solution, not involving the purchase of 4 installations.

About Audirvana
Audirvana was founded in 2011 by Damien Plisson, a well-known French developer acknowledged as an expert among the audiophile community. Since its launch, Audirvana has become “THE reference in audiophile playback software on Mac” - WHAT HIFI 2017. It is also available on Windows 10 since mid 2018. Its sound quality and reliability have also won over sound engineers. Audirvana has received many awards, such as the Audio Excellence Award 2016 from the Japanese magazine Audio Accessory, the Exceptional Product – 5 Stars Award from iCreate magazine in September 2017 as well as the Remarkable price of the VUmètre journal in 2018.



For further info: to Audirvana website

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