Azimut systems: visually discreet, sonically impressive


Press release | Invisible, yet great sounding solutions are at the heart of the K-array brand. Azimut systems are our most discreet audio solutions featuring easy-to-control, high performance technology designed to benefit architects, designers and homeowners who seek a truly professional audio system without compromising the aesthetics of their project or space.

The Azimut boasts plug and play capabilities with Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and mini jack input. Hundreds of thousands of songs are available to you through onboard Spotify and Web Radio streaming by connecting to Wi-Fi using the system's onboard software.

Including two mid-high loudspeakers, a subwoofer, an amplifier and a covert remote control, the Azimut is a complete audio solution in a miniature package.


For further info: to K-array website

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