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Aloia Kueyen 1
Aloia Kueyen 1

ReMusic Spark AwardWith Paolo Di Marcoberardino, we have decided to write a four-handed article on the Aloia Kueyen preamplifier.


The main reason is that we consider the Kueyen as an amplifier occupying, without any doubt, the restricted Olympus of the worldwide production where also The Last came under as Bartolomeo Aloia’s masterpiece. Besides, the Kueyen has an undeniable quality: it costs quite nothing.

The fact is that Paolo doesn’t leave me much space to intervene. He has already written everything and thoroughly about the Kueyen and I agree with him totally. The only space left is for my “sensations”.


In my opinion the Kueyen is a “lab machine” that performs so good to be compared to those ones that I personally consider the best amplifications ever. I’m talking about Convergent, Audio Tekne, Plinius, Da Vinci and few others. It’s a lab machine because the double intervention on the gain stages and the possibility of changing the input impedance of the digital source offers the chance, to whom will purchase the Kueyen, to get the best from their own audio system in terms of interface and sound quality. It will be sufficient being enough expert and sensitive.


I must admit, however, that I have listened to the The Last only in a superficial way and during occasions where I couldn’t evaluate its quality. I trust, as always, Paolo’s opinion when he says it’s a stratospheric device. I can’t imagine how it could perform if I already take into account the top quality of the Kueyen. This last device expresses itself with a fine and impalpable grain getting you so close to the live event to be emotionally involved in the recording.


My main sensation is to have the complete control of the audio system starting from the source and finishing to the power amplifiers which seem to bend with reference to the will of the Kueyen or, better, to the enthusiast’s hand that has set the gain parameters in the best way possible.


The Kueyen has a great merit: it costs nothing.


For this reason, I admire Bartolomeo Aloia, his intellectual honesty, that Paolo recognises as well, and his entrepreneurial courage in proposing to the enthusiasts an object of very low cost for the quality it offers.


Therefore, Paolo Di Marcoberardino and Roberto Rocchi give to the Aloia Kueyen preamplifier the Spark in the dark award for the top qualitative value offered at a very favourable price.



top score ✳✳✳✳✳ ReMusic Sparks

Timbric: ✳✳✳✳ | Open and bright, harmonically rich and provided with very extended range extremes. Excellent voices.

Dinamics: ✳✳✳1/2 | Of good level although showing some compression. The very pronounced microdynamics give to the reproduction high contrast and vivacity.

Rate: ✳✳✳1/2 | Live sound and correctly quick.
Detail: ✳✳✳✳1/2 | Very high on the entire range, with a special plaudits to the low which is always very articulated and never confused.

Clearness: ✳✳✳✳ | Of top level, it consents to recognise without any effort also the most hidden details which come out from the whole with ease and coherence.

Image: ✳✳✳✳ | Realistic and more deep than wide. Excellent coherence of the sound stages.

Manufacture: ✳✳✳✳| Artisanal indeed although with a remarkable engineering. The components are of top level in the sensitive points of the circuit with a mighty power supply and excellent care considered the price. Unusual operational possibilities.

Price quality ratio: ✳✳✳✳1/2 | Among the best. A preamp that, although with a mid-price, is a great alternative to more expensive and blazoned products.






by Roberto
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