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Press release | By contributing $100, you become a MoonJunista VIP. You are directly supporting MoonJune Records, and in embracing such a role, you'll receive ALL of the upcoming MoonJune Records and MoonJune-related releases in digital format! Realistically, VIP's should expect 15-18 or more releases annually, and that's a killer deal! CDs and LPs are not included in the subscription package.

As an added bonus to subscribers, an automatic discount of 25% will be applied to all merchandise purchases offered through MoonJune's BandCamp site: CDs, LPs, t-shirts, books, etc. This VIP membership also gets you automatic downloads of 33 digital albums: samplers, compilations and several selected albums from the MoonJune’s BandCamp – including MoonJune Records’ releases, as well some non-label releases promoted by MoonJune through our BandCamp page.

You can find which 30 digital albums are included in this offer in this link.

So many of you have been loyal, dedicated supporters; a number of you for many years. As always, your support and encouragement is so greatly appreciated – especially during such dire, extreme circumstances.


Thank you all for the support,

Leonardo Pavkovic
MoonJune, NYC


For further info: to MoonJune Records website

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