Brainwavz HM100 headhones


Advertorial | These neutral sounding studio monitor headphones don’t artificially colour your music like most other headphones and speakers do. This is the mark of true professional quality audio reproduction. Hear music and speech just as it sounded in the original microphones, uncoloured and unchanged.

Real wood earcups
Make a statement that out styles anything your friends or co-workers have. The wood cups compliment the padded embossed headband with popular tan coloring and just a hint of retro styling. They simply shout the finest quality with unsurpassed comfort and audio.


Brainwavz HM100

Classic styling
The HM100 offers a comfy, padded headband with stylish tan coloring that matches the polished real wood earcups. The total effect is simply stunning. There will be times when you simply want to look at these and enjoy the superb engineering, unmatched design, and superb craftsmanship.

Sound for all
For the home studio enthusiast or high-end content creator the HM100 will be there, helping you get the best you can and create the sweetest sound for your projects. For the rest, that just want to listen, be happy in the knowledge that the HM100 will open your ears to a sound you never knew existed and do it in comfort with a hint of retro style.

Better than anything at its price range. This is the improved, luxury version with premium materials and extensive accessory pack, a big step up in design, and simply unmatched sound quality. When you want to enjoy the very best of your music, put on the HM100.

The Brainwavz HM100 earcups are made from real wood, the pattern and colours may differ due to nature of the materials.

Drivers: Dynamic, 52 mm
Rated Impedance: 64 ohms
Sensitivity: 96 dB +/-3dB at 1 mW
Frequency range: 10 Hz ~ 40 KHz
Max Input Power: 1000 mW
Cables: 1.3 m + 3 m
Plug: 3.5 mm, gold plated


Hard Case | Spare Part Set | 1.3M Cable + 3M Cable | 1/4" Adaptor | 2 Year Warranty



For further info: to the Brainwavz website

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