Burson introduces the 3-in-1 Conductor

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Press Release | Burson have recently introduced a new DAC with Preamp and Headphone amp funtionalities, 3 in 1, called the Conductor.

With the footprint similar to an iPad, the Conductor is the same size as their popular HA-160D. Within these compacted dimensions, Burson have taken the performance of each of these three functions to a new level. Being a three-in-one machine, the Conductor is rich in functionality and connectivity. They are as below.

A full function DAC with its unique three levels gain output. Here we have selected the SABRE32/ES9018 DAC chip, one of the most expensive in the world, and developed a customised field effect transistor output stage to realise its potential. Via Coaxial or optical, this DAC handles 32bit/1500khz of bit rate. Via its USB receiver, it externalises a computer's digital to analogue music reproduction at 24bit/96khz of bit rate.

The Preamp
It is extracted directly from the voltage gain stage to take full advantage of our FET output stage. And with three levels of gain, it suits any power amp from low power tube types to high power solid states.

The Headphone amp
It’s is a separately powered Burson Soloist in its full glory. At 4W per channel. Some reviewers including Innerfidelity, StereoTimes and Headfonia have described the Soloist as the best headphone amplifier in the world



For further information: to the Burson website

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