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Press release | Known from Peavey's famous classic series, the Classic 30, and Marshall's standard Origin 50 combo; the Celestion G12 Midnight 60 is now available for the retail market.
Whatever the playing style, the Midnight 60 provides an exhilarating sound in the classic Celestion style. Cleans are well-balanced with just enough top end to make the high frequencies sparkle. Overdriven this speaker brings searing rock tones, with plenty of low-end warmth and mid-band character.
Available in 8 or 16 ohm, this pressed steel frame, ceramic magnet guitar speaker offers 60-watt power handling and an output sensitivity of 96dB is available from stock.
Celestion NEO 250 Copperback
The Celestion NEO 250 Copperback, 12" 250 Watt is a direct replacement for the Electrovoice EVM12 speaker, at only one third of its weight - 2.6 kg!
The new Celestion Neo 250 provides significantly more transparency in sound, less pressure in the mids and colour, untypical for a guitar amp, almost not at all. As a result, the speaker reproduces the tonal characteristics of the entire sound chain in itself. This makes it perfect for pedal enthusiasts, for example.
Available in 4, 8 and 16 ohm and ready to ship.

For further info: to Tube Amp Doctor website

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