Custom-built immersive audio by Triad


Press release | Triad speakers are custom-built to bring movies and music to life without compromising the aesthetics of the room and the Triad Silver Series is no exception. With a comprehensive lineup of in-wall, in-ceiling, in-room, and on-wall speakers, the Silver Series delivers immersive audio and precise sound reproduction for the ultimate multi-channel experience. Not a Triad dealer? Apply here.
Silver Series LCR
Equipped with dual 6 1/2" drivers, the Triad Silver LCRs deliver a powerful and detailed soundscape in traditional and Atmos sound systems.
Silver Series Surrounds
The Triad Silver Surround bipole speakers are designed to pair acoustically with the Silver LCRs, and provide broadly-dispersed, enveloping sound for a perfectly balanced audio system.
Silver Series Satellite Speakers
This Satellite's 6" drivers, high-fidelity sound, and diverse install options are ideal for Atmos height channels, multiroom audio, and mid-sized surround sound systems.
Silver Series In-Ceiling Round Speakers
Triad's flagship Silver in-ceiling round speakers are the true music enthusiast's choice, delivering exceptional performance for the most important rooms of your project.


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