Discover the MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofers


Press release | Featuring powerful amplifiers and audiophile grade woofers, extensive input options, wireless connectivity, control via a Bluetooth app, Anthem Room Correction (ARC™), and user-configurable front- or down-firing designs, MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofers represent the most advanced, high-performance, affordable subwoofer systems ever brought to market. Dramatic bass detail and attack, superb extension, and room-shaking output ensure a compelling music and home theater experience.
Advanced-technology inverted surround woofers pair a powerful magnet structure with a rigid, lightweight diaphragm, and powerful amplifiers to deliver huge excursion and sound output while perfectly preserving the most subtle bass details. RCA, XLR, speaker level, and wireless signal connectivity offer the most flexible array of input options available today. Putting control in the listener’s hands, iOS and Android subwoofer control apps allow precise configuration of subwoofer settings while industry leading Anthem Room Correction (ARC) guarantees an accurate bass performance custom tailored to each unique listening room.



For further info: to MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofers website page

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