Discover the NAD T 778 AVR


Press release | NAD’s critically acclaimed flagship T 778 AVR – US$2,999 – features a truly immersive sound coupled with a unique feature set, simplicity of operation, and future upgradability. This 9-channel x 85W - FDP high current powerhouse is capable of powering any loudspeaker to its maximum potential and features NAD’s renowned HybridDigital amplifier technology: discover it here.

NAD’s proven Modular Design Construction - MDC, prevents premature obsolescence. Featuring UHD 4K video pass-through, Dolby Atmos, DTS Master Audio, Dirac Live room correction, BluOS hi-res multi-room enabled music streaming including full decoding of MQA content, AirPlay 2, RS232, 12V triggers, and IR learning capability couple with its TFT touch screen to make for a very user-friendly operation.

NAD’s sibling T 758 V3i – US$1,499 – also offers many of the same features in a 7-channel x 60W - FDP model. NAD puts your clients in the moment, every moment, amplifying their movie and music enjoyment. Discover the NAD difference for yourself.



For further info: to NAD Electronics website

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