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Press release | Do you know that you can use an equalizer with Audirvana? Maybe you already thought about using an EQ to fix an issue with your system or listening room. Just try it and see for yourself. Here is an example of an EQ plugin integration into Audirvana. We start with a VST3 plugin under WINDOWS 10. You will find an example of how to install an Audio Unit - AU on macOS in the full article on our website.

How you can listen to your multi-channel audio files? Audirvana supports multi-channel PCM, such as FLAC and WAV, and DSD formats. Find your files easily with the "Number of Audio Channels" filter in the Audirvana "Tracks" or "Albums" view. You can listen to them on your home theater system and enjoy an immersive musical experience. Multichannel files are available from our partners Qobuz and HighResAudio in edition 5.1, and you can also rip your DVD-Audio or SACD.



For further info: to Audirvana website

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