Disruptive sculptures from Metaxas & Sins for 2019


Press release | Disruption it's not a dirty word: in the arts it's mandatory for evolution. In Hi End Audio, we absolutely need it. But not at the expense of sound quality and musical realism. I'm pleased to introduce some new members of the Metaxas & Sins "family" in 2019: the Perambulator/Combobulator/Standulator, the MASDAC, the Grande Damme loudspeaker system and my "all-out-assault" on the Reel to Reel, the T-RX. I'm pleased that the mainstream "gets it": we entered three design competitions last year and won all three. Sadly, the organisers of Munich Hi End don't "get it", so we won't be able to display any of our products there in May, but you're welcome to drop by Athens or Chalkida in Greece for a looksee/soundhear.


Kostas Metaxas

  • New Stand for Perambulator: this transforms it into something very special. The Motor/Plinth bolt to the stand, so it can't be pushed off.
  • Grande Damme: essentially a turbo-charged version of the Siren. It extends the bottom end and gives an even bigger sound.
  • T-RX Tape recorder: just finalising the Controller PCB now so hopefully the first machines will start shipping end of April.
  • MASDAC: my eldest son has finalised the DAC design with me, we're now working on the "system" - Streaming, ROON/MQA compatibility etc.


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