End of year PAP one-time special discount


Press release | Special Christmas offer limited to two sets of each model. 


PAP Trio15 w/ Coax10"


Trio15 w/ Coax10"
Trio15 Coax10 was launched at the end of 2021. The feedbacks we have received from customers, among which there were quite few owners of Trio15 Voxativ and Trio15 Horn1, were all in the following spirit:

Quote: “I have about 300 hours on the new Coax10. This is the best version of your speaker I have heard yet…”

We proudly stand behind this statement and we want to raise the awareness to this unique model; while you can make yourself a Christmas present and get a Trio15 Coax10 for one-time 15% discount!

Coupon: twoonly15% - valid for two sets only

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PAP Quintet10 w/ Voxativ AC-1.6 or Horn2

Quintet10 w/ Voxativ AC-1.6 or Horn2
This elegant and super musical model, that is is only 16.53" / 42cm wide and 5.25' / 160cm high, plays like a true "wall of sound" with no compromise on speed or clarity.

Here is a feedback we received from a customer who has our Trio15 since 2016 and in 2021 he purchased the Quintet10: “They are up and singing… May god bless you for creating PAP... You don't know how much of joy I get everyday through your creations”.

We love this model a lot and hope more fans will enjoy it in 2022. Benefit this Special Christmas Offer and enjoy the Quintet10 just as it's owners and Rogier van Bakel from EnjoyTheMusic, who awarded it with Best of 2021, do!

Coupon: twoonly10% - valid for two sets only

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For further info: to PureAudioProject website

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