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Press release | This record is the result of a vivid, profitable and long collaboration between four artists of extraordinary charisma. Two Italian supermusicians and two French stars, known for their originality, their creativity and a sophisticated technique that perfectly adheres to the original and unpublished music. An amazing sound that joins instruments in some cases not among the most common ones: launeddas from Sardinia, tuba, North-African drums. An originality constantly reiterated and supported by the various cultural and stylistic influences linked to the background of individual musicians. Flavors and Mediterranean colors, at times netted incursions that lead to rock-progressive, obtained solely with the help of acoustic instruments and a moderate but wise use of electronics, world music, a cultured and sophisticated improvisational language. Also remarkable is the recording quality that makes the disc also a sensational experience doubly interesting.


01 Per Una Madre - Gavino Murgia 7.31
02 Intro ‘E Montes - Gavino Murgia/Patrice Heral 01:06
03 Africa Sky - Gavino Murgia 6.17
04 Ferma L’ali - Michel Godard 8.01
05 Power Play - Luciano Biondini 6.35
06 India - John Coltrane 4.40
07 All Blues - Miles Davis 3.25
08 Chi Ha Fatto Miaoo? - Gavino Murgia 4.32
09 Endless - Gavino Murgia 7.41
10 Wild Stories - Gavino Murgia 7.37


Gavino Murgia 4tet Megalitico

Gavino Murgia: soprano, alto, tenor, bariton sax, launèddas, percussion, tumbòrro

Luciano Biondini: accordion

Michel Godard: tuba, serpent, electric bass

Patrice Heral: drums percussion electronic and samples



For further info: to the Abeat Records website

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