Estelon launches new flagship Forza loudspeakers


Press release | This year Estelon unveils its latest €110k loudspeaker called the Estelon Forza. This new model is an addition to the Estelon flagship series and has completed another huge milestone in Estelon R&D.
Standing at nearly 1.7 metres in height, the elegant design of the Forza features the very best of what Estelon has to offer - the perfect synergy between aesthetics and engineering. Using only the materials and components best suited for this model and manufacturing it with the greatest detail, the Forza brings music to life.
The Forza will be powered by the CH Precision M1.1 analog power amplifiers and L1 / P1 preamps. The CD player, DAC, external power supply and clock generator will also be from the Swiss manufacturer.

Estelon Forza


In addition the room will feature the Kronos Pro turntable with the Black Beauty tonearm and ZYX cartridge. All of the equipment will stand on racks from Bassocontinuo. The turntable and the power amps will be on their Ultimate Line racks, which will be unveiled at the show. Cabling will be the Kubala-Sosna’s latest and the highest quality Realization series.
Estelon will also have a static display of the YB speakers, which are presenting the cooperation with the Arvo Pärt Centre.
The official launch and the introduction of the Forza will be at 11:00 on Thursday, May 9th at the Estelon room F-216 (Atrium 4).
Presentations during the whole show from 11:00 – 16:00.
Show details:

May 9-12, 2019

Estelon / Alfred & Partners

Room: F-216, Atrium 4

M.O.C. Lillenthalallee 40, Munich, Germany


Technical specifications
Type: 4-way sealed box
Woofer: 2x 250mm CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton - custom design
Mid Woofer: 190mm CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton - custom design
Midrange: 168mm CELL Ceramic Accuton
Tweeter: 25mm CELL Diamond Accuton
Internal Wiring: Kubala-Sosna
Frequency Response: 25-60.000Hz
Power Rating: 400W
Min Amplifier Power: 20W
Nominal Impedance: 3ohm, min 2,0ohm at 42 and 110Hz
Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V

MSRP in Europe 110,000 EUR.



For further info:

to Estelon website

write to Estelon

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