Ferguson Hill Summer sale


Press release | We're sweltering away in a heatwave here at Ferguson Hill HQ on the beautiful Kent coast. But before we all go and jump in the sea we thought we'd let you know about our summer sale.

Whether you're new to the Ferguson Hill experience and want to upgrade the sound in your life, or an existing customer who wants to extend great sound to another room, now is the time to buy the fantastic FH007 and FH008 Sub for an amazing price.
You can use this set-up with any sound source, the system comes with a Bluetooth receiver so you can stream music direct from your computer, tablet or phone.
Alternatively, plug in your Hi-Fi separates and experience a new dimension of your favourite tracks.

The FH007 usually costs £495.
The FH008 usually costs £325.
A total of £820.
For a limited time, while stocks last, we're offering both together for £656! That's a saving of 20%.


Ferguson Hill FH007 Sound System


If you've already got an FH007 System but want to add that extra oomph, we're also offering FH008 Subwoofers on their own in black or white for £292. A saving of over 10%.

The Ferguson Hill FH007 speaker system is a five piece system consisting of two stand mounted clear acrylic horn speakers, two bass spheres and an integrated class A-B amplifier.
Our improved version of this renowned system features virtually unbreakable – we've hit them with a hammer without cracking them – polycarbonate horns with upgraded drive units and a bluetooth receiver so that you can stream music wirelessly straight from your computer, tablet or phone.
The original FHOO7 received 5 star ratings and rave reviews from media ranging from Macworld to The Sunday Times, T3 magazine to Sky News and since going on sale to the public in August 2007 has established a reputation across Europe as the “most stylish speakers in existence” - Macworld.
FHOO8 Subwoofer is for those that like a bit more oomph to their bass. Designed to complement the FHOO7 System, this bass cube will upgrade your desktop set-up to full home Hi-Fi system.

You can order the new, improved FH007 V0.2 system & FH008 Subwoofer direct from the Ferguson Hill website.
Superb high fidelity sound for £656 including V.A.T. and free delivery to 28 European countries.



For further info: to Ferguson Hill website

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