Gato Audio cuts 40% of the pricing


Press release | When developing Hi-Fi equipment, it is all about shortest possible signal path. Now we are introducing a super lean distribution model without the traditional distributors, local inventory and marketing - the shortest possible path from factory to the consumer. It means a significant lower level of the retail prices; the new and more efficient business model generates a saving of 40% that will benefit the consumers directly!

From now on; there are two ways of buying Gato Audio products:

  1. Through one of our passionate dealers: here you get the benefits of local service, demonstration and support.
  2. Direct on our website: here you get free worldwide shipping, two weeks of home trial and online service and support.

Gato Audio cuts 40% of the pricingNo matter how you choose to buy, all Gato Audio products are still hand built to order and shipped directly from our factory in Copenhagen, to your dealer or directly to you as consumer - no middlemen in between.

We are excited about the new business model and we look forward welcoming new and existing customers to our world of affordable highend audio.

For existing customers who purchased Gato Audio products within the last 24 months at a higher price than we now offer, we have designed a special compensations program. Contact us directly for further information about this program.


For further info: to the Gato Audio website

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