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Press release | All the shows behind us, also means we have some nice demo units which might make you go, YES, I want a new Digital to Analog converter! If you are interested in the few demo units we have available, please contact us here.

Black Friday behind us and heading up to the official holidays at the end of the year we would like to let you know that when using coupon code HOLIDAC you are entitled to a nice discount. If you are interested, please contact us here.


Metrum Acoustics Citrine

Citrine and Baby Ambre soon available
When we released the Flint baby dac a couple of months ago we did not know what was coming at us, but by now it is pretty obvious to us that the Flint is here to stay! Better said, we also have agreed on offering an upgraded chip set which soon can be ordered seperately. If interested, you know where to find us.
We also are close in releasing the Citrine, headphone amp, and the Baby Ambre!


Metrum Acoustics Forte

The Forte power amp
Being a DAC company, but also having two wonderful, wave making streamers for Roon, does not exclude having a power amp: the Forte power amp is a hybrid amplifier with magnificent capabilities.
The Metrum Acoustics Forte has a very appealing proposition. Get the sonic benefits of valves, without the electro-mechanical compromise of degradation through use.

Metrum Acoustics has long used hybrid – triode – amplifiers for pleasure listening and critical evaluations. We didn’t like the aging problems of triodes, so we did set about creating an alternative and, with simulation software, we simulated triodes with FETs.

Triodes are good for low gain and a lot of bandwidth without any need for feedback. Metrum was able to realise a full Class A high voltage FET circuit with the right gain, very good open loop bandwidth and low noise. The high voltage of 350 Volts to run the circuit produces outstanding linearity without any feedback. The circuit is driving a class A/B output section, 10 watts in class A. A little feedback is necessary to get the right gain, but this also improves the damping factor. Compared to their old hybrids, there’s no sonic difference, but there is less noise and lower distortion.



For further info: to Metrum Acoustics website

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