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Press release | It's been a rainy, chilly winter here in Los Angeles. The frigid cold that has gripped most of the country brought an authentic season here; heavy sweaters are out and about, we're making soup and enjoying red wine.

February signals early Spring in California; it brings the only silver lining from last Fall's disastrous fires and the recent heavy rain. We are promised a superlative wildflower season in Southern California. Our Sunday hikes will take us to nearby Topanga Canyon to see lupines, trailing wild cucumber, poppies and wild mustard.

A new personal audio product kicked off our 2019. We show a lot of love with a special offer on IEM - In Ear Monitor cables - $199 for standard 4-foot length through March 31st.

After two years of development and testing, we just launched our newest personal audio product. RED Series IEM cables are very flexible and revealing, with the unique 'silence between notes' we are known for. Buy them here, or from your favorite dealer.

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