Introducing Operetta 2 DCT


Press release | Black Rhodium’s new Operetta 2 DCT stereo interconnect is a new design based on the highly successful Operetta interconnect, but with a much higher performance designed for customers who seek high-end audio performance without a high-end price.
Operetta 2 DCT is a very special product due to the use of high quality conductor wires to carry the very complex electrical signals that convert to your favourite music.
Operetta 2 DCT is screened against external radio frequency interference by a closely woven silver plated copper sceen.
Operetta 2 DCT is hand assembled at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby.

Black Rhodium Operetta 2 DCT

Deep cryogenic treatment
The core wires Operetta 2 DCT have been subjected to a Deep Cryogenic Treatment process to give a more natural and detailed sound.
Low Loss PTFE insulation used to reduce time smeared distortion
The wires in Operetta 2 DCT are insulated in a combination of PTFE and air to minimise distortion effects due to energy being absorbed in the insulation and released at a later interval of time to create highly audible time-smeared sound.

High quality gold plated connectors
Operetta 2 DCT is terminated with high quality gold plated connectors. These have been specially manufactured to ensure that Black Rhodium cables deliver the very best sound quality possible.


Black Rhodium Operetta 2 DCT

PTFE and air insulation
Outer diameter 5.7mm
Cable manufactured in England

Operetta 2 DCT is available now at these retail prices:

  • 0.5m terminated with RCA connectors £500.00
  • 1m terminated with RCA connectors £600.00
  • 1.5m terminated with RCA or BNC connectors £700.00
  • Other lengths are available pro rata


For further info:

write to Black Rhodium

to Black Rhodium website

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