Introducing the Chorale S RCA


Press release | Black Rhodium Chorale S RCA stereo interconnect will provide a wonderful musical experience when used with the very best music playing systems.

The design of Chorale S RCA is based on a very thorough understanding of the Laws of Physics and the effects they describe. Black Rhodium has developed several effective engineering solutions that minimise these effects to produce a cable that plays music beautifully through any audio system.

Great care has been taken in the design of Chorale S RCA to minimise each and every type of distortion that can impair your listening experience. The final design and its choice of parts and materials has been carefully chosen by very extensive experimentation and audition.
The conductor wire has very low impurities and is processed by a Deep Cryogenic Treatment to improve the molecular structure and enhance sound quality. We apply careful quality control of the wire direction during construction to ensure a quiet background to the music.
Chorale S RCA is well screened against both radio frequency interference and external magnetic fields.

Chorale S RCA is fully damped against micro-vibrations within the cable along its full length. Its attractive external braid is also highly effective at reducing transmission of external vibration to the cable.


Graham Nalty GN4 Rhodium plated RCA plugs with Straight Line Contact return

Chorale S RCA is fitted with Graham Nalty Straight Line Contact GN4 RCA plugs. The Straight Line Contact between the return conductor and socket has been chosen from listening tests that showed Straight Line Contact connectors can deliver a large uplift in sound quality compared to high quality connectors with a circumferential connection of the return conductor. The GN4 plugs are plated in rhodium. In listening tests, rhodium plated connectors give a cleaner sound than gold that can add excitement to the presentation of the music.

Directions for use
Due to the components that are necessary to deliver the quality sound, Chorale S RCA is a stiff cable and for this reason we do not supply chorale S RCA in less than 1 metre length.
The weight of a single 1m cable is around 625 grams.

Chorale S RCA 1 m pair £4000.00 incl. VAT
Chorale S RCA 1.5 m pair £5000.00 incl. VAT


For further info:

write to Black Rhodium

to Black Rhodium website

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