Introducing the PAP Quintet10 Horn2


Press release | This model represents a sonic and aesthetics peak in open baffle speakers offering… and it sounds just like it looks, fast, precise, warm... real-life and totally non-fatigue...

PAP-Horn2 is a 9.5” round wood horn specifically designed for Quintet10 featuring the same compression driver as the one used in our Trio15 and Quintet15 Horn1 speakers. PAP-Horn2 brings to Quintet10 all the clarity, sonic energy, dynamics and speed that great horn drivers are well known for, while being it an extremely soft and smooth sounding horn; with no typical "horn harshness" whatsoever.

PAP-Horn2 and Voxativ drivers mount on the same baffle with size width 16.53"/42cm, height 5.25'/1,60m.

"The Quintet10 paints a full body and as close to lifelike sound-stage I've ever heard of a speaker in my living room. Whatever genre of music you feed them with, they put you right in the front row of the artist and reminds you why you love music and HIFI so much" customer, Norway.


PureAudioProject Quintet10 Horn2

Benefit our Special Launch Offer

time and stock limited
Two configurations of Quintet10 for a price of one! You buy one Quintet10 and get it with two main drivers: new Horn2 and Voxativ AC-1.6. All crossovers' parts included. Price:
USD 8,490, incl. shipping in the US
EUR 8,990, incl. VAT and shipping in the EU
USD 8,990 incl. shipping, anywhere else in the World


For order or further info just write us a reply to

For further info: to PureAudioProject website

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