Introducing the SMSG24 subwoofer


Press release | Infrasonic bass isn't audible, but an essential part of any high-performance theater. It pressurizes the room, and evokes the physical response that is intended by more movie soundtracks than you might think.

True infrasonic subs are extremely hard to engineer, not inexpensive, and work in tandem with other subs in the theater to do their part, extending bass into the single Hz digits. This isn't about boomy, bloated bass, nor marketing claims by me-too big cone alternatives.

The demands of these frequencies and durations found in some soundtracks will quickly separate Ascendo from those masquerading as me-too. When calibrated correctly – timing, phase, level, etc. – with the rest of the theater channels, the result of including Ascendo infrasonic bass is an engaging, completely immersive experience one doesn't forget. These frequencies are often used in quiet passages that can at first be very subtle, causing the body to sense and react in a, "What the heck was that?!" followed by a dynamic contrast and system headroom requirement that separates really good home theaters from exceptional, private cinemas.


The Ascendo's smallest infrasonic sub, the SMSG24, with huge cone surface area and incredible 90 mm of linear stroke - represents a world record for cinema subwoofers - allow to move a gigantic volume of 10 liters of air per stroke to pressurize the room. Due to its ultra-low resonance frequency and its sealed enclosure design, the group delay is several times faster than the smaller 18", 15" or 12" subwoofers at the same frequency. Also the acoustic power output per cubic inch is by far in favour of this unique design compared to stacked multiple smaller subwoofers.

Its ingenious design allows the SMSG24 to produce frequencies in the infrasonic frequency range with authority, reaching down lower than subwoofers with a smaller diaphragm surface ever will. At the same time this infrasub renders those notes with much more power, structure and resolution. This Ascendo-developed 62 cm / 24" super woofer is powered by one of the best high current amplifier designs delivering 6000 watts of power for multiple seconds. Its state-of-the-art DSP control allows perfect alignment of the SMSG24 to any existing setup by adjusting crossover, phase and amplitude response.

If you routinely design high-performance private cinemas, contact me for a conversation on Ascendo from Germany. Let's discuss your future projects, and if you're willing, you can also go back to your existing clients with an infrasonic upgrade that will allow them to hear – feel! – more of the movie content they didn't realize has been there all along.



For further info: to Ascendo website

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