Lab12 at the Audio Video Show


Press release | We are glad to inform you that Lab12 will attend the Audio Video Show in Warsaw, on 8th- 10th November. You will find us in room no. 308 at Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel.


In our showroom you will listen to an extremely well-balanced system, including Lab12 Suono 25 Watt Class A Power Amplifier, Lab12 Pre1 Class A Tube Preamplifier, Lab12 Gordian Multifunctional Power Distributor / Conditioner and Lab12 Dac1 reference, making its debut performance at the AVS! We will play with the Avantgarde UNO XD. 


We will also demonstrate Lab12 Melto2 Fully adjustable Phono Preamplifier, Lab12 Integre4 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier and Lab12 Hpa OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier / Preamplifier with USB DAC. 



Lab12 melto2



For further info: to the Lab12 website

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