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Press release | M2Tech is well-known for its digital-to-analogue converters, but this doesn't mean that vinyl is not important for us. Vinyl has made the history of high fidelity and is now living a rebirth. In the years when vinyl was nearly disappeared, anyway, the Hi-Fi lovers have changed their habits, and it's important to offer products which meet the new expectations and better suit the new ways of listening to music.


M2Tech Nash

For those who want to listen to their beloved records in the old way, but with a little touch of modernity, M2Tech has developed the Nash MC/MM Phono Preamplifier. It's a phono preamplifier with everything a user needs to perfectly handle a cartridge, be it an affordable MM or a top-notch MC.
It is remote controlled and also has a Bluetooth Low-Energy interface which connects to smartphones for advanced control and configuration by the free app available for Android and iOS. The app includes a complete pick-ups database to automatically configure the Nash by simply choosing the pick-up owned by the user. Up to 95dB gain in MC mode and an incredibly low noise allow for retrieving even the finest detail from the groove. High performance and ease of use are the keywords for the Nash.

Are you more creative? Would you like to listen to your vinyls while driving, while jogging or at office? Are you a fundamentalist records collector who only listens to first editions, particularly from the years of mono LP? Then the Joplin MkIII analog-to-digital converter and phono is perfect for you.



M2Tech Joplin

The Joplin MkIII is a versatile unit which allows you to directly interface a turntable with either MM or MC pick-up. It amplifies the tiny pick-up signal through a low-noise analog front-end, converts it into digital, equalize it according to any phono eq curve you may think of and delivers it in digital form on several outputs, including a 2.0 USB port and an I2S port in PS Audio format with DSD capability.
Using the Joplin MkIII with a computer turns the latter into a high quality audio recorder. This way, you can record your vinyls, store them on a hard disk, an SD card, an USB pen or even on your smartphone! The music of your vinyls become portable and you can enjoy it while driving, while jogging, at office or at some friend's home.

But there's more: recording your vinyls make them last longer: background listenings can be done by the files, actually listening to the record only when you're in the right mood or conditions to fully appreciate its sound.
Are you an historical records collector and you are always disappointed for how bad they can sound? This is often due to the fact that they're recorded using a different equalization curve than the standard RIAA used since 1954.
Actually, even records printed after 1954 sometimes aren't equalized using RIAA. With the Joplin MkIII, you can choose the right equalization curve for each of your records, to listen to them at best. And what if you want to use your own phono preamplifier or a line-level source? Just set the equalization to "flat" and set the gain to 0dB or 10-12dB. The Joplin MkIII paired to a DAC like the Young MkIII makes for the ultimate phono preamp.



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