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I do not like considering myself as an audiophile because the term means a label, a compulsory membership. Moreover, it cannot describe the love I feel for music, for its visceral strength and its capability of marking my existence and influencing my body and soul. I do love music in all forms and expressions because it has saving qualities.

I believe that listening to the music deserves quality and continuous research, with maniacal care, of the best possible playback. Undoubtedly, the process requires long times, study and commitment to reach also the slightest sound improvement.

I tend to privilege the analogue, but not prejudicially: the fact is that only the vinyl can convey particular vibrations. Nothing compares favourably with it.

I have started my collaboration with ReMusic with great enthusiasm and I am sure that it will be a pleasant journey. I hope to be able to transmit the idea that listening to the music is something that has noble and transcendent characteristics. It is not a commodification, as we are induced to believe. It is not just one of the barely discernible noises wandering in the daily chaos.


Reference system

till August 2011


Analogue sources:

J.A. Michell SE MKV turntable, Orbe upgrade, SME 309 tonearm, Koetsu Rosewood and Clearaudio Stradivari V2 cartridges

EMT 938 turntable, EMT 929 tonearm, EMT TSD15 SFL cartridge

Balanced Audio Technology VK-P10SE phono preamp

Digital source:

California Audio Labs Aria MK III CD Player

Mark Levinson 380 line preamplifier

Mark Levinson 334 power amplifier

GamuT Phi7 loudspeakers

Cables: MIT, Harmonic Technology, Synergistic Research, Van Den Hul and DIY

IREM Ministatic TS400n electric power conditioner

Accessories: Shakti Hallograph, Shakti Stone, Acoustic Revive RR77, ASC Tube Traps, Acustica Applicata DaaD and other elements for the acoustic treatment of the room.



The evolution

since September 2011

The Michell turntable has been structurally modified: a metallic reinforcement of about 15 kg has been applied to the table, the engine has been encapsulated inside a cylindrical shell of 10 kg and spaced out at about one meter from the machine. A silk thread belt has been set up.

The BAT phono preamp and the Mark Levinson 380 line preamplifier have been replaced by the Audio Tekne TP8301 MKIII transformer phono preamp.

Audio Tekne and Harmonix cables have been added.


since October 2012

Now there is the Hiraga 20W Class A power amp, a pair of QUAD II power amps, original series (numerated) and the Klipsch Heresy I loudspeakers. No more in my system the Gamut speakers. At their place a pair of B&W 805 Diamond with original supports. Western Electric Red & Black power cables and Klimo Ais interconnect cables.


since March 2013

DaVinciAudio Labs In Unison 001 turntable, with 12” DaVinci Grandezza Reference tonearm: golden with the armtube in cocobolo wood. The modified Michell Orbe has been transformed from floating into stiff and now it is used as fly-wheel of the analogue system.

by Giuseppe
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