Me and My System

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The premise

Everything started when I was ten and used to watch my father messing about with his Technics SL1200. The music came from a pair of ESB 100LD speakers unbelievable placed on a bookshelf.

From that moment on, my passion for high fidelity has been growing incessantly combined with a musical journey that always changes following the phases of my life.

Music is a companion that savvies, that is always present in my day disregarding the system at my disposal.


The meeting

One winter afternoon Roberto Rocchi invites me at home and after a pizza and some chats with some collaborators, he asks me. "Do you feel like writing something for us?"

Go without saying my answer: it has been like asking a kid if he wants to go to the fun fair!

Then, with some fear but also joy and will to grow up, my adventure begins.


The system

I like very much experimentation and I am open to any kind of setup. I like comparisons and I respect other people's opinions.


Sources: Cec 3300 CD player, audio PC with Foobar 2000, M-audio 410 and Emu 1212m soundcards, Technics SL 1401 turntable

DAC: Schiit Bifrost

Preamp: Audio Research LS 8, DIY based on Aikido design

Power amp: Adcom GFA 555

Integrated amp: Sansui au-alpha 607DR

Loudspeakers: DIY three-way with Scan-Speak components from the Revelator series, JBL l50

by Francesco
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