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The word music comes from the Greek word moysa, "muse". The western idea of music is therefore generally linked to the Muses. In such meaning, it alludes to all sciences and arts that awaken the idea of perfect, pleasant and neat things. At the beginning, it was just a game but very soon, I realized that it would have become a grand passion.

I was thirteen when I started to listen to my brother’s 45 rpm using a tube Lesa turntable. The world at that time was less hasty and I was so eager to listen. There were ideas and groups like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Also the portable recordplayer was overpowering. We got our first solid portable music.

Gradually, becoming older, I could afford my first Wilson compact stereo with BSR platter: what music and what a stereophony!

My desire of growing up, learning and listening took me to make new purchases like Sansui, Pioneer and the first true (for me) loudspeakers, the RCF BR41. Thereafter I was looking only for good sound and quality.

Now, I am well into my fifties and I have found my right portion of music that I try to enjoy in a big way. Meanwhile, my will of learning how to make and invent something that sounds as I want, has brought me to manufacture many tube amps, preamps and loudspeakers.

Today I have several systems and with them I entwine the set-ups to get an always fresh and intriguing sound.


CD players:

Sony CDP-XA50ES modified in the output stage

MHZS CD88F tube

Sony CDP-X559 ES great transporter and exemplar make

Denon DV 1500 audio DVD

Marantz DR-700 CD recorder modified in the tracking system



Carver C-19 an old good performing gentleman

Vivaldi Pre DIY, tube preamp, with balanced outputs

Orpheus Pre DIY, tube preamp and remote controller on Audio Research design

McIntosh C28 vintage

Sansui C77 vintage


Power amps:

T-amp DIY

Tube DIY with KT88 vacuum tubes

Tube DIY with 2A3 vacuum tubes

Oblivion dual mono tube DIY with 211 tubes

Yaqin MC-10L Class-A with EL34 tubes

Krell KSA 250 Class-A solid state

Eam Lab PA 2600 solid state

McIntosh 2505 vintage solid state

Sansui B77 vintage modified solid state



DIY D’Appolito system with Vifa e Seas drivers

Rogers LS 3.5 DIY clones

Infinity 9 Ka five-way



Signal cables:

Ramm Audio Elite 200 DIY

MIT Shotgun S1 Proline


Power cables:

Xindak FS-Gold

YYW-Premium Cable


Digital cables:

Musical Fidelity X-24K

SuperPro 707 modified 24/192

MHT2 USB 24/192



Thorens TD166mk2 modified with Mission tonearm and Stanton cartridge


Reel to reel tape recorders:

Revox B77A

Tascam 32


DAT digital recorder:

Sony DTC-ZE700


Accessory device:

DBX 118 Stereo Compressor Expander

by Mauro
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