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Mauro Cittadini
Mauro Cittadini

Prologue: Audaces fortuna iuvat.


Chance doesn’t exist for an audiophile. We could have talk about chance only if our aim would have been limited to listen to the music without caring about the system. But chance has shown us a different path. Let’s put up with it and let’s walk through in the best way possible.

Actually, I’m lucky since my father in 1967, sacrificing a couple of salaries as a specialized worker, bought one of the first hi-fi systems of those times. I still have that turntable: a Thorens TD 124 MKII that I have revised and updated to improve and stabilize its amazing performances.


The erratic years: errare humanum est.


I spent the old days seeking for perfection till I realized that what we could get is just a change: positive or negative, we can’t say a priori. A big and circular Odyssey spent in reading thousands of magazines, attending listening rooms in specialized shops, shows, exhibitions, houses of friends that share your passion. Then a truce where you think that only music is important: LPs, CDs and most of all concerts.


Epilogue: perseverare autem diabolicum.


The web comes with lights and colours reflecting a reality at your fingertips. Mare magnum of info, basics that no one controls and that are rarely censored. The “audiophile monkey” perks and gets on your shoulder permanently. But there is good news also here! From virtual names to real people: Roberto Rocchi, Giuseppe Castelli, Francesco Taddei and many others. At last you realize than in your journey you have found a cosy place, with frank and sincere people to share with and learn from, besides being sure that, among the many possible damnations, this is for you one of the most pleasant.


My current system

Turntables: Thorens TD124MKII with TP14 tonearm, HD graphite shell by Audiosilente - Thorens TD126MKII with SME 3009 II toneram.

Cartridges: Denon DL103 retiped by Audiosilente, Grado Gold1 and many old other types.

Digital source: Nakamichi CDP/4 with Schiit Bifrost DAC

Amplifier: Yamaha A700

Loudspeakers: B&W 802 first series

Plus other staff, often DIY, on the shelves or in my small studio system.

by Mauro
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