Me and My Systems


My personal manifesto, adapted from ReMusic’s one, is: “I am in love with the means to reproduce – well – the music”:

My passion for the Hi-Fi – lucky thing – began more than forty years ago and I have cultivated it by studying and experimenting.

I judge the devices for their performances but I am not satisfied if they are not thought, designed and made in order to justify their price. Otherwise, they reach just one part of my heart.




Linn Sondek Lp12, tonearm Ekos, cartridge Spectral MCR Signature with Van Den Hul retip.

Pioneer PLX-1000 Ortofon Bronze cartridge, a setup not to underestimate, mainly for the price


Phono preamps

EAR 834P

The Mod Squad Phono Drive



Conrad Johnson PV10A with MM phono stage

Conrad Johnson PV10B only line

The Mod Squad Line Drive


Power amps

Conrad Johnson MV 52 with several sets of tubes, among them also some EL34 Mullard

McCormack DNA 0.5



Klipsch Heresy of 1980, late first series with crossover by Bob Crites and mid K52H Heppner. I also have someK55 Electrovoice

Stat Audio Immagine by Roberto Rocchi



AKG 141, Sennheiser 595 and 598


Headphone amplifier

Schiit Audio Aasgard



Let it go. Too many and they are not my passion. 

Measurements systems

Audiomatica Clio Pocket


Streaming players

A self-assembled PC with cAsus Xonar STX audio cards

Another PC with the Xonar H6

Cocktail Audio X12 



Other components available for fun

(Editor’s note – There are no other reasons for our passion…;)




two Garrard 301, one with spindle lubricated with grease and one with oil

two Garrard 401, first and second series

two Thorens TD124

Thorens TD125 with big base for 12" tonearms

Thorens TD521, a remake of the 125 but with several “modernities”. Also this one with big base for 12" tonearms

two Lenco L75

Roksan Xerses first series

ERA 555 MkIV

AR The Turntable

Sony PL-X65



two SME 3012

SME 3009 Series III

Rabco SL-8E

Decca London

two Rega RB 300



Ortofon SPU Gold

Shure V15 V

Shure M97 E

Stanton 681 EEE

Denon DL-103 retip Van Den Hul elliptical

Grado Platinum Signature

Goldring… Goldring… I do not remember the signature…


Integrated Amplifiers

NAD 3020

Cyrus II

TDY Power amp with MOSFETs


Genesis G1+

PSB, I do not remember the signature


Then I have many other things, like drivers, accessories, tubes, mats for turntables, template jigs, phono preamps, line preamps, etc. etc.


by Maurizio
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