Métronome launched t|AQWO and c|AQWO


Press release | After two years of research and development, Métronome finalizes their new AQWO range with two new products: a SACD/CD transport and a D/A converter, respectively named t|AQWO and c|AQWO. A sleek design combined with the unmistakable touch of Métronome style makes t|AQWO and c|AQWO stand out highlighting  elegance, visual purity and robustness. The outstanding analog Métronome sound is based on the combination of exceptional components and the excellence of the Elektra external power supplies.

Métronome t|AQWO

The top-loading SACD/CD Transport t|AQWO is based on a professional drive mechanism with proprietary improvements. It reads CDs and SACDs by bringing out every single detail from your discs and delivering fantastic audio performance. In addition, Métronome implemented a specific re-sampling functionality which allows both down and up-sampling of all formats.

Métronome c|AQWO

The high-end converter c|AQWO uses two internal conversion processors AK4497, 32Bit/768kHz, per channel. c|AQWO decodes DSD in native form up to 512 and provides excellent precision combined with aerial sound reproduction loyal to the Métronome sound.


For further info: to Métronome Audio website

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