MoonJune reaches the 4th placement as label of the year


Press release | I am very humbled, one more time that my boutique and truly independent record label, operated by one person only - me, myself and I - has landed at the 4th place in the 85th Annual Readers Poll of the world's most prestigious jazz – blues & beyond – magazine, DownBeat. I am thankful to all of You who voted this year in this poll for MoonJune Records and label's artists. And thank You Downbeat for providing this platform.


In the same poll, three illustrious members of the MoonJune's extended musical family have been featured in the same poll. Gary Husband has reached the 13th placement in the category of Keyboardist of The Year, while in The Electric Bass Guitar category, Tony Levin reached the 7th, and Jimmy Haslip the 13th placement.


The Art of Music is never about competition, but this kind of recognitions for my label, which will celebrate, next year, 20 years of existence in this turbulent recording music business world, are important to reach more visibility and raise the level of awareness in this over-saturated world, otherwise everyone will be stuck with knowing about all the same. And that's also applicable for MoonJune associated artists, who, with exception of a very few marquee entities, are not household names on the jazz and beyond jazz music scene in the USA and Europe, and they come from all parts of the globe: Indonesia, Spain, Serbia, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Israel, Slovenia, Canada, Belgium, Uruguay, Bosnia & Herzegovina, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, as well the USA. They need to be heard, their artistry needs to be appreciated by a wider number of fans of music, through my independent label's platform. Without their artistry I would never be able to achieve what I have achieved, and that's why a very special thanks goes to all musicians whose names were featured on MoonJune Records releases. Thank You, chaps!


Leonardo Pavkovic
MoonJune, NYC


For further info: to MoonJune Records website

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