Mr. MoonJune’s 58th birthday


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Leonardo Pavkovic


Dear Friends In Music, today is Horatio Nardini‘s, better known under his real name Leonardo Pavković, 58th birthday. That’s Yours truly, Mr. MoonJune. There is only one person behind the scenes and in the frontline, running a truly indy label in between heavy duty international travels on all continents with many artists on my booking roster. But my travels were out aside, they are on hiatus. I really was looking forward to add a few more countries not yet on the list of around 80 countries visited so far: Honduras, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Paraguay, Israel, Botswana. Here I am in the great quiet neighborhood of Ridgewood in the borough of Queens, in the great city of New York, which I call home for exactly 30 years.


I moved to Ridgewood 5 years ago from the iconic East Village, in lower Manhattan, the place of the Filmore East, CBGBs, Alan Ginsberg. I am enjoying the quietness of the sleepy residential Ridgewood, it helps to recharge my batteries during this unique period that affects the whole humanity in all 77 corners of the only homeland that counts: terra orbis, our suffering Planet Earth. The radius of my physical movement is no more than 3/4 of mile. I haven’t been to Manhattan since March 14, celebrating the 73rd birthday of one of my best friend, Lew Vidoff, the Cognito philosophical observer of which you will hear more in the near future. I’ve seen the last concert on March 12 at Nublu in the East Village, my good friend for many years the maestro keyboardist Adam Holzman, of Miles Davis and Steven Wilson hall-of-fame okayed with his beyond excellent band Our Brave World (what a great name for the band, it says so much right now), featuring his lovely wife and great guitarist Jane Getter, my very dear friend and fabulous saxophonist Ofer Assaf, the phenomenal drummer Gene Lake and the groove master Freddy Cash Jr on bass. After the show, we knew, that’s it, we had our last drink and we hugged each other and we wished to each others a “se e-you-again-but-who-knows-when”. The next day I saw my best friend, Uruguayan born multi-talented guitarist/pianist Beledo, for a dinner in a Peruvian restaurant in my neighborhood, and that was it. For two months, with the exception of my wife and my son, I haven’t see any friend, and I guess I am not alone. Despite what charlatans, pseudo-patriots, science deniers, conspiracy theorists and fiatearthers are saying, self-isolating is the only way to go, in order to te re-conquer our freedom, and to avoid any potential risk to get the virus and to spread to others, including our loved ones. I do not mind to sacrifice myself and to contribute to the better wellness and greatness of our collectivism.

The MoonJuniverse is safe, healthy and sane. Including my dear friend and great guitarist Nelson Coelho from São Paulo, Brazil, who returned to his home rejoining his wife and two son, after 45 days spent in the hospital due to COVID-19 and a series of collateral complication. He is doing fine now. No one else on my label and booking roster was affected by this modern plague, fortunately.

My name is Leonardo, which comes from the archaic German, meaning brave as a lion, or lion’s heart. My maternal grandmother Roksanda gave me this name, the Italian version, she loved Da Vinci, and she thought that all names suggested by my mother are not interesting. I was born under the sign of Taurus, and in the Chinese horoscope, I am a Tiger. I feel sometimes like a three-headed dragon, with heads of lion, Taurus and tiger. I am always inspired and ready for fight. I am used to deal with difficulties and I have a stubborn optimistic and positive attitude. Be assured that the Planet Earth is round and that things will happen, no matter when and how, they will happen, they are already happening, and as Galileo Galilei said once: Eppur si muove. Universo MoonJune si muove. The future is the only thing that matters. The future is the only past that presently matters. Let’s live for our new great future, let’s be active and proactive, let’s create, let’s interact. Thank You All! You are all part of Eppur si muove.


Leonardo Pavkovic
MoonJune, NYC

Sorry typos, typed with one finger on my iPhone.


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