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Press Release | The iFi nano iCAN is a palm‐sized, portable (only 167g) battery‐powered headphone amplifier.


It boasts over 70 hours of sheer audiophile audio quality at home and on the go:


  •  Powerful 150mW headphone amplifier.
  •  DirectDrive® output (no coupling capacitors) for smooth, natural sonics and bass slam.
  •  On‐board lithium‐polymer 1400mAh battery for >70 hours of pure enjoyment.
  •  3D HolographicSound® System for Headphones and XBass® to suit every headphone.


The nano iCAN aimed at the portable generation, is half‐thesize of the esteemed micro series. It maintains the iFi tradition of excellent sonics: its DirectDrive® technology does away with the need for output capacitors.


3D HolographicSound® for Headphones, XBass® and adjustable gain have all been carried over to ensure the nano iCAN unlocks the maximum potential of each and every type recording on every headphone, at home and on the move.



For further information: to Ifi Audio website

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